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There are few urban stars who haven’t been immortalized by the lens of Drexina Nelson. Sweet-natured with a camera-ready smile herself, Nelson started her career as a makeup artist on set with some of Atlanta’s most prolific photographers. She completed both her BA and MBA degree at Clark Atlanta before deciding to pursue a career in photography that would allow her to surround herself with her love for beauty and the arts. 

Nelson’s recent clients include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Vogue, Nike NY, Click Models, Elite Models, Ludacris, Kanye West, Idris Elba, Badgley MischkaEssence, BRAVO and many more.

In 2016, Nelson launched the Society Studios and Salon Suites in Atlanta.  She is also the publisher of TheSociety Industry Book, celebrating the beauty industry’s top influencers.

We sat down with Nelson to talk with her about how other sisters have been instrumental in her journey.

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In the heart of Atlanta, where a slice of pecan pie is almost as sweet as Grandma’s kisses and Sunday church hats give more shade than a Real Housewives marathon, is Drexina Nelson Studios. It is there that the talented celebrity, fashion and beauty photographer Drexina Nelson works her magic, bringing out the allure in all her subjects. Photography for Nelson is more than snapping pictures: She finds purpose in capturing beauty and sharing it for the rest of the world to take in. “As a photographer, I truly believe if you look deep inside someone, you can bring out things the client didn’t know existed. And you can help them, and the world, see the beauty that breathes so softly in each of us,” she pens on her site.

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Society Book Coverage via Rollingout.

I am FLOORED with the amount of love and support I felt last night at my book launch event. This is such a dream come true. So honored to have the beautiful honorees come out and show support. Stay tuned for pictures! They are such amazingly wonderful and talented people! I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to share this with you…. This is truly like turning the page in life….. Such a blessing… Cant wait to do it again next year! My mommy Phyllis Nelson… I love that woman so much.. She is so strong and always has my back…. I couldnt do anything without her… ♡♡♡♡♡

And a host of so many beautiful people in my life right now. This morning I woke up with such gratitude… When you look around and see who really has your back and who is really it your corner…. there is nothing like that overwhelming rush of love…. Now its really time to grind!"