From time to time our team will offer "on spec" photoshoots.... this does not happen often, however we love to give back when we can.  We do not however shoot commercial photoshoots on barter or on spec.

Please note: Barter shoots are done with the value of the shoot being compensated in trade or services in lieu of cash. Spec Shoots are shot with the idea that compensation will happen in the form of editorials, true publicity, or some form of payment that will help both parties.  

Spec Shoots are NOT available for:

  • Start-Up Brands & Businesses
  • Unsigned Models Tests

  • Music artists (indie or major)

  • Instagram Likes or Shout Outs

Spec Shoots may be available for:

  • Special Approved Projects
  • Non Profits (must have a valid 501c3)
  • Society Team Project.
  • National Magazine Editorial and Tear Sheets

Please contact us TODAY if you feel that you have a spec project that we may be interested in!

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