Q & A


Q- What makes your work different from other photographers?

A: The answer is simple. My goal is to bring out your essence by finding out who you are and capturing it.  I want to make you look like the best YOU possible.

Q- Do you have a studio?

Yes, we have a full production studio located in West Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia

Q- What do you specialize in?

I specialize in capturing YOU or your projects vision.  Thats all.  It is not about our style, it is about capturing your vision and relaying your message through imagery.

Q- I love your work, what are the next steps to setting up a shoot?

A- We recommend that you contact us at booking@drexinanelson.com or phone at 404.748.9499. Either I or my assistant will return your call within 48 hours to schedule an appointment or to get more details in regards to your shoot. 

Q- What are your rates?

A- For rates information please email the following information to booking@drexinanelson.com.  Please provide your contact information, details on your project, projected shoot date, and any additional information regarding the shoot.

Q- Is there a deposit required?

A- Yes, 50% of your shoots fee is required prior to your shoot and will serve as your deposits.

Q- How far in advance do I need to book a session with you?

A- It is best to book at least 2 weeks in advance, but should you need me ASAP or within a shorter period of time please still feel free to contact me, as we may have availability. 

Q- Do you shoot on location or just at your studio?

A- Both, we definitely shoot on location.  While we enjoy location shooting, the client is responsible for any location fees associated with the location.  We also have a spacious studio if needed.

Q- Do you travel to other cities?

Yes, We LOVE to travel!

Q- Will I be able to have a meeting with you before my shoot?

A- Dependent upon the type of shoot that is being scheduled we can set up a preproduction or consultation prior to the shoot day to discuss the art direction.  While commercial shoots most often have preproduction meetings, most model portfolio shoots will not unless there is a specific concept and we feel that its a necessity.  Its definitely on a case by case basis.  We also have a $150 consultation fee that is subtracted from the balance of your shoot once you book your shoot day!

Q- Is it okay to text or email in reference to any questions or concerns I may have?

A- Email is always fine, but I would recommend no texting at all regarding business matters to ensure that we have a clear and concise understanding of any of your questions or concerns.

Q- Generally how long will the session take?

A- This all depends on the actual assignment, further timing can be discussed once we have spoken in regards to your project.

Q- How many looks do you recommend?

A- It is important to bond with your photographer during your shoot.  It normally takes a little time to relax to get the most out of your shoot therefore, I recommend three with a minimum of two.

Q- Do I really need a makeup, hair and wardrobe team for my shoot?

A- Capturing the perfect image does not only have to do with the photographer, the image is also created by the team.  In an effort to save our clients money on the postproduction side, we want to ensure that you use artists that will give you the best look based on my style of shooting.  DNProductions team members have individualized talent that can get the job done, but if you have your own professional staff you would like to use please let us know as we would like to see their portfolio prior to booking. For more information about DNP Team members please email us at DNProductions and put DNP Team in the subject line.

Q- Do you exclusively use your own creative team?

I prefer to use my own team due to knowing what the outcome will be, however under certain circumstances depending on the client I am open to using other professionals. (but they must be good!!!)

Q- I am a hair, make up and/or a wardrobe stylist how can I join your team?

A- DNProductions is always looking for new talent to cultivate, start by sending your resume to DNProductions as well as your portfolio to info@thesocietystudio.com.

Q- Do you shoot weddings?

A- Yes, under special circumstances I am available to shoot weddings.  Please email us at booking@drexinanelson.com for more information.

Q- Do you help models find jobs or representation?

A- I am not an agency, but I have and can recommend models for opportunities.  Please note that most models that I recommend are models that I have had previously worked with.  

Q- Do you offer retouching services and how much?

A- Yes, I offer retouching services. Our rates for this service depend on which elements of your photo you desire to have retouched. For exact pricing your images will need to be emailed to info@thesocietystudio.com.

For any additional information please contact us at booking@drexinalnelson.com.