A devotee of beauty since an early age, Drexina Nelson began her career in Atlanta as a makeup artist for some of the city’s most prominent photographers. Upon completing both her B.A. and M.B.A. degrees at Clark Atlanta University, she opted to pursue a career in photography where she could combine her love for beauty and the arts, her keen eye for composition and style, and her knowledge of business. Her transition from makeup to photography proved to be a wise choice, thus opening the doors to her own studio, “The Society Studio.” 

Drexina has had the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful and talented people in the world of entertainment. She has shot some of the most amazing fashion & beauty campaigns, to magazine covers for national publications, mainstream television and film actors, award-winning recording artists and reality TV stars, as well as some of the most prominent music labels in the industry.

The inspiration for her work ranges from fashion and beauty to the appeal ofhuman interaction.   Whether it is the way a person moves, dresses, or laughs, Drexina’s inspiration for each shoot is to capture the essence and individuality of the client with her lens. It is her ability to successfully achieve such a goal that has earned her a reputation as a premiere fashion, beauty, and commercial photographer.

“As a photographer, I truly believe if you look deep inside someone, you can bring out things the client didn’t know existed. And you can help them, and the world, see the beauty that breathes so softly in each of us.” | Drexina Nelson

Drexina works not only to produce great images, but also to inspire future generations through photography.  She is passionate about helping others gain the necessary means and proper training in developing their creative goals. At her studio and during her photo shoots, she mentors a team of interns eager to learn the art ofphotography. The interns are brought on to be trained under the direction of  her production company, DN Productions, and upon completing their training course, they are then hired out on their own high profile assignments.   

Drexina has opened the door to another one of her creatives, surrounded by all things beautiful -- The Society Studios and Salon, a production facility in the trendy West Midtown area in Atlanta Georgia.